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"Working with pine needles has been an adventure for me. The experimenting and learning process keep the work fresh and exciting. Each step leads to another and evolves into new directions. I started with pine needles in traditional styles and wanted to make the baskets have more movement and individuality. I cut wood in flat shapes and learned I couldn't force the pine needles; they seemed to have their own mind. I experimented with gourds and then making raku forms to increase the potential for undulating forms, which are compatible with the pine needles, and I'm happy with the results. I love the "pictures" and quality of the wood and wanted the 3-D effect of the gourds and clay. Having always wanted to do woodturning as a child, I began thinking of incorporating turning in my baskets, allowing me to justify the expense and adding a new dimension to my work. Little did I know that turning would become such an integral part of my artistic creations or how exciting it would be. I consider my baskets decorative but they are also functional as they create a way for me to release my creative energy into new and unique artwork."

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